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In Memoriam: The Continuing Relevance of Bruno Latour to Socio-Legal Studies

In this post for Borderlands, Caoimhe Ring reflects on Bruno Latour's legacy for Socio-Legal studies.

Blue Spring by Jill Campbell

Contractual Relations: A Contribution to the Critique of the Classical Law of Contract

In this post for Borderlands, Professor David Campbell explains why we need to rethink the notion of contractual relations.


A Research Agenda for Social Welfare Law, Policy and Practice

In this post for Borderlands, Professor Michael Adler present the new research agenda on welfare law, policy, and practice in the UK.

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An Unfinished Project: Japan’s Long Struggle for ‘Westernisation’

In this post for Borderlands, Genki Kimura argues for a temporal view of Japan's process of domestication of western legal transplants.

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The Persistence of Collective Memory: Protecting and Preserving Protest Art through Law

In this post for Borderlands, Assistant Professor Hamsini Marada argues for the role of protest art as a form of collective memory and the implications of its censorship.

Singapore Skyline

Decolonisation and Racial Justice: A Critical Assessment of Multiculturalism in Hong Kong and Singapore

In this post, Alvin Hoi-Chun Hung offers a critical view on decolonisation practises under multiculturalism and through nationalisation and state racialisation in Hong Kong and Singapore.

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The Temporal Promise of Sociolegal Design

Professor Perry-Kessaris provides and account of the evolution and possible future of designerly ways in Socio-Legal studies.

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Sexuality, Rights and Culture in the Postcolony

In this special post for Frontiers marking Pride month 2022, Professor Carl Stychin reflects on sexuality, rights and culture in the postcolony.

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#MeToo, Consent and Contract Law

In this post for Borderlands, Renata Grossi asks whether contract law can learn anything from the #MeToo discussions of consent.

Disability symbol

Pushing at the Boundaries of Legal Personhood

In this post for Borderlands, Dr Flora Renz pushes the boundaries of legal personhood by encouraging us to reflect on the implications for disability.

Radcliffe Camera by Night

Gendered Spaces and Divided Streets: the Policing of Women by the University of Oxford

In this post for Borderlands, Dr Olivia Durand tells us the history of the policing of women by the university of oxford.

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New Legal Realism and Empirical Legal Studies in the United States

In this post for Borderlands, Professor Bryant Garth tells the story of the evolution of New Legal Realism and Empirical Legal Studies in the United States.