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Methodological Musings

A network of dots in red and blue

Discourse – more than the languages of law

In this post for Methodological Musings, Bettina Lange discusses discourse analysis as a tool for understanding how various ways of producing knowledge can inform Socio-Legal ordering.

A pixelated picture of a woman

Today I’m brown, tomorrow I’m black: Is it time to revisit how we construct demographic data about ethnicity?

In this post for Methodological Musings, Professor Linda Mulcahy interrogates how ethnicity is constructed in census data.

People looking at smartphones

The ethical dilemmas of collecting research data on X

In this post for Methodological Musings, Dr. Addadzi-Koom reflects on navigating contradictory ethics guidelines regarding data collection on social media.

A map showing Indonesia

Go talk to people: Navigating sensitive research about the Indonesian state, in Indonesia, in a pandemic

In this post for Methodological Musings, Rangga Dachlan reflects on overcoming access roadblocks in sensitive research on official state narratives with interviews.

Two people at a table seen through a glassdoor

On “hanging out” with judges: Reflections on researching “up”

In this post for Methodological Musings, Diana Kisakye discusses access challenges while researching up, highlighting the role of the informal in a predominantly formalistic judicial culture.

A photo of a woman dancing

Legal research on reels: a case for creative methods

In this post, Bhumika Billa reflects on how the limited expressiveness of academic writing can be complemented with artistic output.

people moving through a building

Wandering and Wondering: Coming to Know Place Through Walking Interviews

In this post, James Campbell (Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Oxford) explores movement as method, highlighting how the blending of observation and conversation can unveil rich narratives.

A road stretching into the distance.

From Nearness to Distance: Reflections on Insider Ethnography

In this post for Methodological Musings, Dr Lucy Welsh reflects on how insider research can cause the researcher to move from nearness to distance.

A yellow train car in a dark trainstation

Some Reflections on the Emotional Burden of Conducting Interviews with Victims of Occupational Diseases

In this post, Marlou Overheul (Utrecht University) reflects on the impact of emotionally challenging interview settings, and explores mitigating measures.

A mountaineous landscape and a road

On Learning to Drive

In this post for Methodological Musings, Shruti Iyer (Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Oxford) reflects on mobility in research and shifts in relationships produced by driving.

A view over Johannesburg at night

Researching from the Diaspora: The Benefits and Challenges of an Insider Perspectives  

In this post, Abdullahi Ali Hassan reflects on his experience doing insider research from the diaspora.

A photo showing leaves layered on top of each other.

Mixed-Media: The Art of Interdisciplinary Research in Socio-Legal Studies

In this post, Zelia Gallo reflects on the joys and challenges of doing interdisciplinary research in Socio-Legal Studies.