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Episode Description 

In this episode of Talking about Methods, Professor Linda Mulcahy talks to Professor Fernanda Pirie (Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford) about using ethnography in Socio-Legal research.

Produced by Linda Mulcahy and Urania Chiu.

Readings on Ethnography Recommended by Professor Fernanda Pirie

Hammersley, M. and Atkinson, P. (1995). Ethnography: Principles in Practice (2nd edn.) London: Tavistock.

Nader, L. (1986). ‘From Anguish to Exultation’, in P. Golde (ed.) Women in the Field: Anthropological Experiences. Chicago: Aldine Publishing Company.

Pirie, F. (2013). ‘The Limits of the State: Coercion and Consent in Chinese Tibet’, Journal of Asian Studies 72: 69–89.

About the Speaker

A photo of Professor Fernanda Pirie

Professor Fernanda Pirie

Professor of the Anthropology of Law, Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford

Fernanda Pirie is Professor of the Anthropology of Law at the University of Oxford. She specialises in Tibetan societies, and uses both ethnographic and historical methods to study and compare legal practices and texts. Her next book, which is due to appear this year, is called The Rule of Laws; A 4,000 Year Quest to Order the World.

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