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An empty grand theatre stage with the red curtains drawn closed.
Gwen King on Unsplash.

Law and Performance

An empty grand theatre stage with the red curtains drawn closed.
Gwen King on Unsplash.

Episode Description

In this episode of Talking about Methods, Professor Linda Mulcahy talks to Dr Kate Leader (York Law School, University of York) about law and theatre and performance studies.

Readings Recommended by Dr Kate Leader

Ausländer, P. (2023), Liveness: Performance in a Mediatized Culture (3rd ed., Routledge).

Phelan, P. (1996), Unmarked: The Politics of Performance (Routledge).

Patraka, V. (1999), Spectacular Suffering: Theatre, Fascism, and the Holocaust (Indiana University Press).

Leader, K. (2021), The Disappearing Defendant: Law, Presence & Access to Justice, in Rai, S., et. al., (eds.), Oxford Handbook of Politics and Performance (OUP).

Leader, K. (2020), The Trial’s the Thing: Performance and Legitimacy in International Criminal Trials. 24(2) Theoretical Criminology 241.

About the Speaker

Portrait of Kate Leader

Dr Kate Leader

Senior Lecturer, York Law School, University of York

Kate is a Senior Lecturer at York Law School. She holds a PhD from LSE Law and a PhD from University of Sydney (Theatre & Performance Studies). Her work uses interdisciplinary methods from law and the humanities to explore the perspective of marginalised participants in civil and criminal justice. Her monograph, Litigants in Person in the Civil Justice Process, an oral history project that draws on performance studies to examine lay participation in the County Courts, is forthcoming (Hart 2023). She has published work on law and performance in The Oxford Handbook of Politics and Performance, Theoretical Criminology, Law text Culture, and Cambridge Law Journal.

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