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Oral History

Episode Description

In this episode of Talking about Methods, Professor Linda Mulcahy talks to Dr Anna Bryson from Queen’s University Belfast about the use of oral history as a method in Socio-Legal research.

Produced by Linda Mulcahy and Urania Chiu.

Readings on Oral History Recommended by Dr Anna Bryson

Thompson, P. (2017). The Voice of the Past (4th ed., OUP).

Perks, R. and Thomson, A (eds). (2016). The Oral History Reader (3rd ed., Routledge).

Tonkin, E. (1992). Narrating Our Pasts: The Social Construction of Oral History (Cambridge Studies in Oral and Literate Cultures, CUP).

Bryson, A. (2016). Victims, Violence and Voice: Transitional Justice, Oral History and Dealing with the Past. 39(2) Hastings International and Comparative Law Review, 299.

About the Speaker

A photo of Dr Anna Bryson

Dr Anna Bryson

Senior Lecturer, School of Law, Queen's University Belfast

Dr Anna Bryson is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Law and a Fellow at the Senator George J. Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice. Her research has developed along three closely related lines: modern Irish history, Socio-Legal Studies and conflict transformation. She is currently working on three RCUK funded projects - 'Apologies, Abuses and Dealing with the Past' (ESRC), 'Lawyers, Conflict and Transition' (ESRC) and Enhancing Democratic Habits: An Oral History of the Law Centres Movement (AHRC). At the time of making this recording she was a Visiting fellow at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies in Oxford.

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