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Public Opinion Surveys

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This podcast is the second episode of a Talking about Methods series on quantitative methods co-produced with the Centre for Social Policy Research at the Australian National University (ANU POLIS).

Episode Description

In this episode of Talking about Methods, Professor Linda Mulcahy talks to Professor Nicholas Biddle (Associate Director at the ANU Centre for Social Policy Research and Methods) about public opinion surveys.

Readings recommended by Professor Nicholas Biddle

  • Groves, R.M. and Lyberg, L., (2010): Total survey error: Past, present, and future. Public opinion quarterly, 74(5), pp.849-879. 
  • Baker, R., Brick, J.M., Bates, N.A., Battaglia, M., Couper, M.P., Dever, J.A., Gile, K.J. and Tourangeau, R., (2013): Summary report of the AAPOR task force on non-probability sampling. Journal of survey statistics and methodology, 1(2), pp.90-143. 
  • Mutz, D.C., 2011. Population-based survey experiments. Princeton University Press.
  • Edwards, Ben; Biddle, Nicholas; Gray,Matthew; Sollis, Kate (2021): COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and resistance: Correlates in a nationally representative longitudinal survey of the Australian population

About the Speaker

Headshot of Nick Biddle

Professor Nicholas Biddle

Associate Director, ANU Centre for Social Policy Research and Methods

Professor Nicholas Biddle is Associate Director of the ANU Centre for Social Policy Research and Methods, Head of the Methods and Survey Program in the Centre, and Lead Researcher for the Policy Experiments Lab. He has a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Sydney and a Master of Education from Monash University. He also has a PhD in Public Policy from the ANU where he wrote his thesis on the benefits of and participation in education of Indigenous Australians. He previously held a Senior Research Officer and Assistant Director position in the Methodology Division of the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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